Top-Grade Windscreen Repairs and Replacements in Christchurch

We’ve all been there – a chip appears in your windscreen’s glass, but it seems small enough to not cause you any trouble. “I’ll just leave it for now,” you say. However, if you leave that chip unaddressed for too long, it will inevitably turn into a crack. In this case, you’ll need to go to the trouble of replacing the glass, lest you place your safety at risk (not to mention any passengers in your vehicle).

Here at JT Autoglass, we can seal chips before they turn into cracks. Our team of highly skilled autoglaziers will determine what needs replacing and what can be temporarily fixed with a sealant. By diagnosing your issue and providing the necessary treatment, we can help you ensure your vehicle’s warrant of fitness.

Smashed Truck Windscreen Repair & Replacement in Christchurch

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We all know that emergencies happen. When they do, you want to attend to the problem as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage from occurring.

When it comes to glass emergencies, JT Autoglass are the first ones to call. Conducting car windscreen and window replacements all throughout Christchurch and surrounding suburbs, our technicians will answer to your call quickly and efficiently, coming out to you to replace or repair your glass and allow you to resume your daily routine.

We provide first-class treatment for windscreen repairs in all vehicles

Windscreen repairs and replacements can come at an unexpected cost, and most of the time, it’s rarely your fault. Chips can be caused by stones flicked up from other vehicles wheels and cracks can be caused from falling debris, birds, or even vandalism. We understand the vexation this can cause, which is why we always carry out our service in the friendliest manner and at the best value, so that you can be on your way without too much delay.

When we fit glass we always use the correct size for your model and take utmost care in handling your vehicle. From car window replacements to truck windscreen repairs, we have Christchurch covered. Call us today for a professional service for all your auto glass needs: 0800 555 141.


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